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Celebrating the humble LEAPS!

50 Jars of Products SOLD!

I started my business on September 3, 2021.  Yes, that's right, it has been just a month and I am in awe of where GOD has taken me in this short amount of time.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my Family, Friends and all the customers I met who have supported my new business.


I also want to acknowledge the following:  Friends who encouraged me to stay focus and not get distracted by the squirrels.   Christopher Green and family who tested my flavors and provided awesome feedback.  Beulah Warren, who has always inspired and supported my many entrepreneur endeavors.  

Lastly, I Thank GOD for the unfailing LOVE I feel everyday.  I know without a doubt that I am HIS FAVORITE Daughter!

Posted: 10/5/2021

Sea Moss Benefits: Video

 Sea Moss Benefits

The Miracle in the Ocean

Sea Moss, scientifically known as Chondrus crispus, is a type of algae or seaweed. It grows in waters along the rocky Atlantic coasts, primarily between North America and Europe. It's an edible sea plant similar to other seaweeds, algae, and other familiar leafy sea vegetables.

Sea Moss has been scientifically proven to promote healthy weight loss, help you build lean muscle, rev up energy and metabolism as well as super-charge your immune system. One serving of sea moss provides most of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs in a day to be its healthiest.


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Sea Moss Benefits: Store Policies

Three-of-a-Kind Products

Strawberry, Lemon/Lime & Blueberry

Sea Moss Benefits: Welcome
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